Marca Construction

Construction is much more than nuts and bolts. It is a methodical and art-like creative process that encompasses an array of components. Marca views construction as art because it brings projects to life. 

Projects can begin at the canvas stage or as a broken piece of art that screams to be made whole again.  Marca’s métier is to tactfully execute our clients’ vision.  This includes the entire process from the request for a proposal to the final job walk and beyond. 

Marca Construction excels in the creative planning and budgeting processes. We understand how many lives are touched during a construction project and take everyone into consideration during the planning phases.  Analytical and critical thinking are the paint brushes to our canvas.

Our Core Values

At Marca Construction, we’ve created a culture that cannot be described by words.  Our culture is evident in “that” feeling you get during a phone call, the planning process, and in the execution of your vision.  Our passion, accountability, and fidelity are the core values that created The Marca Way.

What Our Clients Have to Say . . .

“Valuable vendors are hard to come by!  But when you find one, all efforts should be encouraged to keep him!

In my case, this value has been realized over and over again in Marca Construction and its vice president Alex Sanchez.  I am a big believer in giving a chance to a new company, especially when I see the initiative and the creative marketing skills that came to my desk some time ago from a person I had known for many years but who had worked for a different company at the time.  I encourage initiative, and when I began seeing exceptional results, I was happy to give Alex more work and larger, more involved jobs.  With each job completion, I was reinforced by customer satisfaction and detailed invoices that helped me see for myself that the work was done and done to expectation.

Customer satisfaction is the bottom line!  I stay with a contractor who responds after the job is done, and the bill has been paid.  Someone who will not ‘hem-haw’ after the fact finding an excuse as to why the outcome of a job didn’t turn out the way you expected.  I have found in Marca Construction instant response to any request made after the job is done.

I especially appreciate the detail taken when presenting a proposal.  Not only are the proposals received in a timely manner, but they include color photos of the site and details of the problem areas.  Likewise, with their invoicing which includes before and after pictures.  Marca’s prices are comparable, and often more competitive that other companies.

I am happy to be able to recommend Marca Construction!”

Valerie Cuonzo, Community Manager, CCAM

“Dear Alex,
I wanted to take a moment and let you know how very pleased I am with the excellent service I have received from your company at every level.
I have worked with you on a number of projects but wanted to give special thanks for the work you recently completed at Plaza Redondo. The spa pit repair required someone with your expertise to perform the work to the engineering specifications. The Board was very pleased.

Since first using your firm for my Somerset Bellflower community for extensive wood replacement I have considered you my top firm to work with for construction needs. I have heard nothing but positive responses from my homeowners and Board members as the quality of your workmanship and the professionalism of your crew. I also appreciate the timely completion and the excellent workmanship.

As a property manager for over 15 years, I have worked with a number of licensed contractors. Marca Construction has been one of the best companies that I have ever dealt with. It’s a pleasure to work with people who know the meaning of efficiency and make my job easier.

I look forward to a continuing relationship with your company. Please feel free to use my name as a reference to prospective clients.”

Bonnie Atkinson, Community Manager, CCAM

“The Marca Construction team is amazing. They are easy to work with and always look out for a client’s best interest. Marca has worked on several of the communities that I manage and the construction process has always been seamless. Not only are they are reputable contractor, but they are easy and fun to work with! The estimators always walk a job, include pictures in proposals, and offer competitive pricing. Lastly, they don’t discriminate a job’s size. They are ready and willing to assist our mutual clients which is why they are my preferred vendor for any construction needs.

George Gurrola, CCAM